Mr Michael Andreas Purwoadi
Head of Center for Science and Technology Network Agency of Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Indonesia

Mr. Michael Andreas Purwoadi is the Head of Center for Science and Technology Network and Indonesian Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology - BPPT and the Lead Engineer of Indonesian Engineer Association. He was a Graduate of Automation and Industrial Informatics with an honor of Cum Laude at Institute Nationale Polytechnique de Toulouse at Toulouse, France and he has a Post-Graduate Degree from the same Academic Institution graduated as Summa Cum Laude. He was a former Head of Center for Machine tools, production technology and automation and Vice Director for electronic system at BPPT. His 24 years of experience spans from the development of Jakarta Automation Air Traffics System, Communication Navigation Surveillance and Air Traffic Management including Automatic Dependant Surveillance Broadcast and Aeronautical Telecommunication network router and as well as a principal engineer for Train & Traction control unit for electrical train based on real-time linux. He has an IPM professional Engineer Certification from the Institution of Engineers Indonesia and an Associate member of International Railway Signalling Engineer. He was awarded the Medal of “Karya Pembangunan” from the President of Indonesia and the Medal of “Karya Satya” for his 20 years of service for the Republic of Indonesia.