Mr Ziad Sofyan
Creative Director, ZiGNLAB

Ziad Risqi Sofyan a.k.a EMENK as everybody calls him, is a multi-award winning graphic designer. His most recent achievement was the HP Digital Print Excellence Award 2015, where he won special recognition in two categories: Art Photo Book and Brochure. He graduated from Western Connecticut State University, majoring in Visual Communication. He worked at several design companies in Connecticut and New York before he decided to go back to his hometown, Jakarta, where he founded a creative design company, ZiGNLAB. His interest is ranging from identity, brand communication strategy and development, print collateral, and web design. He finds inspiration in everyday life: the food he eats, the movies he watches, and also the peculiar habits of his two young sons.

Aside from his design projects, he is also up for new challenges. He found a fresh breath of air by lecturing intwo notable creative schools in Jakarta, where he was awarded The Most Valuable Lecturer two consecutive years (2013 and 2014). By sharing his knowledge and passion, he wishes to inspire and also get inspiration in return. Among his peers, he is known for his full beard, his large collection of hats, and his signature fist bump.